Round Yard Techniques

This is some older footage on the use of the Round Yard.

Over the years I have used a round yard a lot. It is a safe place to start a dog. However I have had mixed results with dogs. It is a very useful space but it is not for all dogs all the time. One thing I have learn’t is that it is very hard to let instinct to develop in this space. This is not a problem on a property where you have access to stock and a pups instinct is often switched on quite strongly before the pup is older enough to cope with training. It then becomes about managing instinct rather then developing instinct.
I am now in a position where stock time with young dogs is very limited so have changed how I start a young pup/ dog.
What I do now is have a bigger round yard and let the pup work on the out side until the craziness settles and then slowly get the pup to understand commands by working with natural moves and timing. Before I bring the dog into a bigger round yard.
What I teach in this video is still very relevant with regards to positions and how your movement  effects the movements of the dog, just with more space and time for the handlers to watch and learn from the reactions to the dog and stock. Which helps with Timing.

Video on Round Yard Techniques