Book in your consultation with me.  After you’ve booked your consultation I will make contact to work out a mutually suitable time.  Click here to be transferred to our Heal with Ease Shop to book your consultation.

Consultations can be done in person if you are in the Inverell area, via Zoom if you have enough download or over the phone.  Questions, background and videos can be forwarded prior to the Consultation to ensure you make the most of your time.

You can discuss any issues that you would like during your Consultation time.

Some suggested areas to chat about include:

– Position
– Timing
– Purpose
– Understanding what is going on with your dog/s.
– What’s next?
– Backing off pressure
– How to safely put on pressure
– Ages and stages of growth and what’s best to do during each stage


From Helen
Eric has helped me train my older dog, who is now 5 years old and a pup. I have done a couple of dog schools before working with Eric and came away feeling unsure and confused.

Eric has a way of simplifying dog training, but at the same time, his methods are very effective. I have found keeping it simple for myself and the dogs, brings results and takes away all the confusion.

He has taught me the importance of having a partnership and working as a team with my dogs. The importance of being in the right position in relation to my dogs and the stock we are working.

Eric understands the dogs and the importance of not expecting too much from a young dog and not putting to much pressure on them too soon.

I have learnt from Eric the importance of not micromanaging my dogs and allow them to think for themselves. To bring out the best in my dog’s capabilities.

I’m very grateful to Eric for sharing his knowledge, expertise and patience and highly recommend learning from Eric.

Helen Walker, Bundarra

From Narelle
I consider it a privilege to write a testimonial in relation to my working dog training experiences with Eric Tighe. Being a cattle farmer with dogs needed for mustering as well as my recreational interests of Herding with the ANKC and Three Sheep Trialling with the ASDW for the past 20 years, I found there to be a great need to improve my training methods. Getting my pups started and to assist my dogs and I to have a good working partnership happening, I needed help from an experienced dog person. I found Eric to be just that sort of person to help me to work sheep as well as cattle. I have attended a number of Eric’s Training Clinics during that period to get assistance with problems that I was experiencing with the various dogs. His methods are firm but caring, understanding the way a dog thinks and reacts. He sets the dog up to win with the stock, but if the situation becomes a little sticky for the young dog, Eric believes the handler should get in there to help so that the weaker dog comes away with the best possible outcome. From this, dog and handler gain confidence and are more ready for the next challenge. Eric enjoys training his working dogs and does all he can to assist others to do the same.
Narelle Fernance
Grafton. NSW

From Ann
I have had two weekend sessions of tuition with Eric (Tighe), I find Eric to be very knowledgeable and helpful.

Eric is a calm person, whilst working with dogs and people and expresses himself in a confident, kind helpful way.

Both my dogs and I had benefited greatly with Eric’s tuition and I am much more confident working with my dogs and sheep.
In fact, I felt confident at the Warwick Short Course Trial in March.  Erics help and tips were invaluable and I placed 6th in the  Open Final with my young dog Barkers Banjo.  Thank you Eric.

Ann Brown
Ramornie.  NSW