Dog Health

For our dog health we work almost exclusively with Homeopathy and other natural remedies. They have keep our dogs strong and healthy. It’s an unusual concept, but I’d like to put it out there as something for you to consider.

My wife Cathy and I are founders of a Company called Heal with Ease and it is our belief in alternative health options that has been our main driver for knowledge and growth when it comes to the health of our family and animals.

Over the last 20 years we have consistently had between 8 and 14 dogs.
When we have pups it can go over 20 dogs. For a majority of this time we have relied on Homeopathy for our animals health. We have seen our dogs get stronger and healthier in every generation.
Natural remedies are a large part to improving health.

For sure if you have an accident you need to be prepared and work on your dog as quickly as possible. If there is internal bleeding or a break your vet needs to be your first port of call. Post vet visit though there is so much you can do to ensure a complete and speedy recovery.

I believe that in the modern world health is something that we need to work on and create, not just accept.

While nutrition is very important, it is only a very small part of the equation. True health goes a lot deeper than the food that is fed.

This has all been done with great care and research. Our business Heal with Ease helps hundreds of dog owners every year gain health in their dogs. If you are interested in improving the health of your dog – for now and into the future then visit our Heal with Ease website and contact us for more information.  Heal with Ease also has a very active facebook page .