DVD – Untold Secrets of Starting Working Dogs

I have been working stock and dogs for many years. I started out with Kelpies and now I work Border Collies, on properties and trailing. I have made it a mission to learn as much as I can from the best. Over the years of attending several schools and talking to lots of successful stock people. I have now put a good DVD together to help you.

It has always been in my interest to help people to enjoy their dogs, while working stock effectively. In a quiet and efficient manner.  I have always watched with interest, other trainers and instructors working. With the view to work out the best way to help people to learn.  It is from this that I have worked out what key points are missing. This is what I have been teaching my clients for quite some time with great results.

“Save Yourself Countless Hours of Frustration”

Order your copy of The Untold Secrets of Starting Working Dogs today via Paypal for AU$40, plus AU$10 postage (express in Australia).

Or purchase both Untold Secrets of Raising Working Dogs and Untold Secrets of Starting Working Dogs together for AU$70 plus AU$10 postage (express in Australia) and save $10.

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