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Welcome to Tighes’ Working Border Collies

Thank you for visiting my website and sharing with me one of my long time passions.   I have been working dogs and stock for most of my life. I consider that a well-bred and trained working dog is vital in working stock in a stress free manner.

In the early days I started out with Kelpies, which are great work dogs and a very useful tool on most stock properties.  I have found if working and looking after your stock is a priority then Border Collies seem to be easier on their stock, and much easier to live with day to day.

Over the years I have managed several properties.  Some bigger than others, and I have found it has always paid to work stock in a calm, correct manner. Calm stock are happy stock so they will produce more, both in weight gains and fertility.  All this is important to the number one part of any production system – the bottom line. Taking the time to educate stock to dogs is vital. It is important to take your time with the basics so a foundation can be laid. From this point you will be able to create an efficient system where the job is performed quickly and easily.

I have tried several lines of dogs over time and worked with hundreds of others while running training schools in QLD from 2006 to 2013.  The biggest thing is teaching people how to work and understand stock, then bringing a third party into the picture – the dog.  It can be very difficult to get the picture right if you do not know what you are even trying to achieve.

As you go through this website remember two things:

  • The dogs I breed and select for come from years of experience. They have been selected and bred to work, and yes look after their stock.  While I have some of my dogs with the class to work a three sheep trial, it is by no means my main focus.
  • My Border Collies have been competing successfully in yard and utility trials for several years and with very little exposure to cattle. My dogs are there to prove they can handle a cattle trial course as well.

Please enjoy your journey through my website and if you have questions, feel free to drop me an email at eric@healwithease.com.